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Common Repairs

At I Want It Fixed! Appliance Repair we run several service calls every day. We run into many different issues with all makes and models of appliances. On a somewhat regular basis we’ll see things that we have never seen before. But all brands and types of machines have their failure patterns. So of course we’re going to see certain repairs on a very regular basis. Here is a list of those more common repairs.


Whirlpool or Kenmore Dishwasher Won’t Start and the Clean Light Keeps Blinking
The blinking "clean light" is a common problem with some of the Kenmore and Whirlpool models dishwashers. The problem is usually attributed to water supply temperatures being too low when filling. This means there are some issues with the temperature sensing circuits in some dishwashers that causes an error code to be generated if a certain water temperature is not achieved in a specified time interval (this time may differ between models). There is a reset sequence that you can try to clear the fault. Push the NORMAL WASH then HEATED DRY buttons in that sequence two to three times. The unit will enter diagnostics mode. Let it run through the diagnostics. This will clear any existing faults and should return the dishwasher to normal operation.
To keep the fault from returning, it is recommended that you run your hot water faucet in the kitchen until it runs hot BEFORE you start the dishwasher. This will heat the water in the supply line for the dishwasher (most dishwashers are fed from the kitchen sink supply line). The theory is that if you fill the dishwasher with hot water from the start of the wash cycle instead of the cool water that is normally in the lines (especially if you have a hot water tank located far away from the kitchen), this should satisfy the requirements of the temperature sensing circuits. If the fault reappears, then there is a problem somewhere in the heating sequence. Most common issues here are the heating element, the thermistor located in the sump, wiring or the main control board.

LG Dishwasher “LE” Error Code
An LG dishwasher displaying an “LE” error code is informing you there is something wrong with the dishwasher’s motor. The motor is either working abnormally or has failed. There are several usual causes for the LG dishwasher LE error code, the most common being a problem with the wires connecting the motor, the impellor of the pump being blocked, the motor’s rotor having seized, or the blade being jammed. You will have to ensure proper continuity of the motor’s wiring, unblock the impellor, rotor or blade, or replace the dishwasher’s motor, pump or PCB (Power Control Board).


GE Refrigerator Freezes Food In The Fresh Food Section
If your GE refrigerator is freezing food in the fresh food section we can help. Unlike older GE refrigerators, the newer side-by-side models made after 2002 are designed for the fresh food and freezer temperatures to be controlled separately. What that means is the older refrigerators would cut the entire cooling system off once the fresh food section reaches the desired temperature. The newer model electronic refrigerator uses electric dampers that block airflow to the fresh food section if the freezer needs to run a little longer to reach desired temperature. The damper will open if the fresh food section needs more cold air. This along with the use of thermistors allows for a more steady temperature in the both the freezer and the fresh food section. But as always, when things go wrong there will be trouble.
The most common cause for GE refrigerators to be freezing food in the fresh food section is the damper that cuts off airflow to the fresh food section will break. This is more common on higher end (more expensive) GE refrigerators such as the GE Artica or the GE Profile refrigerator.
What commonly happens is that the damper will break off the motor that operates it. This allows cold air to continuously flow into the fresh food section freezing food.
The other type of damper GE refrigerators use is on lower end (cheaper) models. This damper doesn’t break nearly as often but if it does, it can cause the refrigerator to freeze food in the fresh food section.
A bad fresh food thermistor can cause the damper to stay open all the time or stay open longer than it should. This could be why your refrigerator is freezing food in the fresh food section.
Refrigerator Is Warm But Freezer Is Still Cold
This can sometimes be a little tricky to diagnose. Sometimes, depending on the issue, the freezer really isn’t as cold as it should be and it’s just a matter of time before its temperature rises above acceptable levels. One example is when the freezer isn’t defrosting as it should. The frost build up on the evaporator has restricted airflow to the refrigerator and in a short time there will be enough frost to keep the freezer from cooling as well.
Other reasons this can happen are faulty temperature control unit, thermostat or thermistor. It could be a bad door seal or door hinge keeping the door from closing properly and allowing warm air in. A refrigerator door not closing properly is usually accompanied by condensation in the refrigerator. On the freezer side the condensation will be frost on the door, walls and food. There is also the evaporator fan motor. That motor runs almost constantly and at some point it is going to fail.
The most common cause for this symptom is an airflow issue. Air must flow into the refrigerator from the freezer and also flow back into the freezer from the refrigerator. Air flow restriction in refrigerators can be caused by any of the previously mentioned components.  Sometimes it’s because there is just too much food in the refrigerator or freezer and air can’t move through the unit. Every once and while we find a bag of cheese has fallen down behind the crisper and is blocking the return vent.
Washing Machines

Whirlpool Cabrio/Kenmore Oasis/Maytag Bravo Washing Machine “F51” Error Code
The F51 error is a RPS (rotary position sensor) board failure where the control board looses contact with the RPS during the machines operation. The RPS uses hall effect sensors to determine the speed and direction of the drive motor, allowing the control board to constantly monitor the motors operation. Because this error is a communication error and not a mechanical error with the motor itself (that would be an F52 error) we can limit our trouble shooting to the three items that make up the RPS circuit, the control board, the wiring harness, and the RPS itself. Sometimes all three need to be replaced.
This is a fault condition that is overwhelmingly caused or triggered by using the incorrect type detergent OR too much “HE” detergent (a special low sudsing detergent). In addition to the F51 error code in Cabrio, Oasis or Maytag Bravo washers– which is very repairable and at reasonable cost– it can cause more severe damage to all “High Efficiency” washing machines, such as premature drum bearing failure, a much more expensive and painful repair which may even total the cost of a new machine in some cases.

Whirlpool Cabrio/Kenmore Oasis/Maytag Bravo Washing Machine “OL” or “UL” Error Code

The most common problem is a nut below the inner tub that needs to “float”. Floating is when the tub fills up with water to a certain level the inner basket will rise about 1 inch from the center agitator. What this does is disengage the basket from the motor so that the agitator can rotate independently from the basket. If the basket does not float then when it tries to agitate the whole basket will turn back and forth at the same speed as the agitator and this will cause the OL or UL error code.
Again, like so many other washer issues these days, this is a symptom of either using the wrong kind of soap or too much of the HE soap. Sometimes it is a piece of clothing has drifted over the basket and is lodged between the basket and the tub. But more often than not the shaft is stuck to the basket with crud from too much soap.

Whirlpool Front Load Washer Won’t Drain/Displays An F21 Error Code

The F21 error on this line of washers is the machines way of saying the water took to long to drain from the tub. This could be a problem with one of the washer parts including the drain pump itself, how the drain hose enters the stand pipe, or maybe even something is stuck somewhere in the drain system and is preventing the water from flowing properly. Not quite an emergency, but it is an indication of a problem and a problem that can lead to something bigger if not looked into.
Many of the front load washers on the market have a user accessible clean out for just such an occurrence. Just be aware that if you open it up, any water that is still inside the tub will quickly be in your lap, so plan accordingly.

LG Washer “LE” Error Code

The LE error code stands for “Locked Motor Error.” This is one of the more common error codes that pops up on LG washing machines. It’s a fault condition that is overwhelmingly caused or triggered by incorrect type detergent OR too much “HE” detergent (a special low sudsing detergent). In addition to the LE error code in LG washers– which is very repairable and at reasonable cost– it can cause more severe damage to all front loaders, such as premature drum bearing failure, a much more expensive and painful repair which may even total the cost of a new machine in some cases.
In the LG washer, the LE error code is usually caused by the burned out hall effect sensor.
In all LG washers–when too much detergent has been used—this will cause the “LE” error to be displayed & the wash cycle will be interrupted. Unplugging the washer for more than one minute will cause the MAIN BOARD (computer) to power down and re-boot when the washer has been plugged back in.
On LG washers built before 2008—after several “LE” error events—the error cannot be reset by unplugging the washer. This indicates that the HALL EFFECT SENSOR has failed and will need to be replaced.
On all LG washers built during and after 2008—a more robust resistor was used in the HALL EFFECT SENSORS—which eliminated damage caused by higher electrical loads placed upon the sensors due to oversudsing. HALL EFFECT SENSORS virtually never fail in 2008 and newer LG washers but the “LE” error will still occur if too much or the wrong type of detergent is used. This will be “resettable” by unplugging/replugging the washer.

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